Last 48 Hours

(My brother, sister-in-law, and two cute nephews, who’ve become naughty kids!)

I won’t repeat what is on the news…I will get to the point.

– Job creation has been on my mind for the last 48 hours. In 2020, I might be too late to the game. But after doing some readings, there have been 5, including COVID – 19, pandemics since 2002, starting with Coronavirus – SARS. These pandemics have happened 3.4 years apart on average. I am thinking our lives will be tested even more rigorously in the future if we don’t look ahead.

– What’s up with “not taking your life too seriously”?…now I might have finally understood it. There is a big…huge…ginormous (haha!) difference between caring and taking my life too seriously. I care about everything I do. But I have lived a good chunk of my life by taking it too seriously; my tunnel vision was from my own insecurity, ego, competitiveness, and loneliness. What good is it if what I learn, do, and speak can’t make me and you happy? When it’s all said and done, my health or livelihood is just as fragile as the person I either choose to love or hate.

– Be accountable…be accountable…and be accountable. If I can’t be accountable to my own health and happiness, who else is there to do it? I have found myself doing a few more probability problems since you know…the shit show; What’s my probability of getting sick if I were going out for a run ?(not too high). what’s my probability of getting up on time in the morning if I were to indulge in few more whiskeys than I should at night? (not high…I try to keep my alcohol consumption to minimal). What’s the probability of me getting others sick? (unknown…therefore, I need to be accountable in everything I do).

– Be responsible…be responsible…and be responsible. Know my personal finance in and out. I am only spending money on: groceries, books (might become an expandable purchase, but hopefully not), medicine, transportation, rent, and utilities.

– Staying connected. Be transparent with myself and my closest friends and family. I believe my family and friends should know about my health, as I’d like to know about theirs. I leave nothing to chance.

– Dig deep…real deep. For the ones who still have jobs…stay relevant. I dig deep into my experiences and think of as many ways as I could to prepare myself to get back to work. Work will be strenuous, recovery will be taxing, and the best way to prepare myself for long days ahead is to have all the arsenal ready within my reach.

– I am not ready to die, but I am not scared of death. I am doing everything I possibly could to continuously live a normal life. I know this world is a function of each individual, all 7.6 billions of us. If I do my part, then I have lived.

All in all, it’s been a shit show. But I ate, slept, ran, spoke to my friends and family, and made templates for work.

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