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Millionaire Chef: Money Well Spent

Since the pandemic, I’ve become more aware of my spendings because I needed to weather the storm and come out fine.

With money set aside for the rent, some living basics, an emergency fund, and my automated savings account, I use the rest of the money to invest in happiness.

My happiness comes from cultivating relationships with my friends and family, dedicating a portion of my day to exercising, reading books, journaling and blogging, and investing. I want to share 5 purchases (an aggregate amount of each) that I made in 2020~2021.

1. Books, $560.00
– Some of my favorite titles are: Stillness is the Key, No Rules Rules, Greenlights, Range, My Own Words – Ruth Bader Gingsburg, and Liar’s Poker

I purchased these books because I wanted to feed my curiosity about successful professionals and companies. 

2. Holiday Wine Gifts, $800.00
– I was introduced to Cruse Wine Co. by a friend, and I enjoyed the wines thoroughly. Cruse Wines are from California, and they are flavorful and easy to drink, and they also don’t break my bank.

I bought some wines for my closest friends and family for the Holidays. These wines fed us well in the most peculiar time of our lives! 

3. Stocks, $16,250.00
– Though investing sounds mundane, I enjoy learning about different companies. Through my investment research, I am exposed to new technology and exciting businesses, and I couldn’t be more hopeful about the future.

My biggest position in my portfolio is WCLD Cloud Computing Fund, which I’ve made just over $2000.00 in one year of investment. I still feed my position in WCLD when I see opportunities.

4. Renewing my YMCA gym membership, $82.00 monthly
– My old gym, YMCA at Prospect Park, was closed for the majority of the year. Since the opening, I was able to get back and work out with my mask on. I understood the risks even after getting fully vaccinated, I did my best to follow the protocols and feed my health. 

5. Tri-pod & Video Rig, $82.40
– I bought a tripod and a video rig at the start of the pandemic to make cooking videos and teach cooking classes. I have made some money from teaching and used the money to feed my savings account. In addition, I use the tripod and the video rig to facetime my friends and family. I am definitely getting a lot of milage out of these two gadgets.

COVID-19 has been the hardest curveball I have ever faced. In baseball, a great batter steps up to the home plate with a plan; he is disciplined with the pitches he swings at. Though not every swing produces a score, he still contributes by being present. I strive to be savvy with my money and invest in my happiness, and I encourage you to do the same. 

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