Opening Journal

Opening Journal 11/19/2020

Here’s an idea: a voice recognition system for food delivery

Why?: “swiping” is not effective and practical when you have grease hands (rub your hands with EVOO and then try using Tinder…let me know how it goes), and most of the delivery platform wants the kitchen staff to swipe a tablet when an order is complete.

How it works: Using voice recognition in placing an order through our app, and the kitchen will use voice recognition to confirm for a pickup.

Here’s a simple script:

  1. Ms. Lee speaks into our app on her phone: hi, I’d like a plain pizza, a coke, and a side of garlic knot. My address is —–, my credit card is —–, good bye.
  2. Kitchen prepares the meal and then tells our POS system: Ms. Lee’s order is ready. Voice recognized by our POS and signals for a courier to show up.
  3. The courier shows up and delivers the food.

We already have the technology to make this happen. Our friend, Siri, and a distant cousin, Alexa, are ready to help out.

Not convinced “swiping” is here to stay.



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